What is Hashing?

Hash Group PictureLawrence, Kansas’ drinking club with a running problem. We get some exercise and have a great time doing it.

What does it take to be a hasher, you may be asking yourself? Not much. Showing up to a hash makes you a hasher. No membership fees, magazine subscriptions or special kool aid is necessary. Just show up ready to go hashing.

How does it work? Well, by the time you show up to a hash, the hares (the ones who make our trail) have already hidden extra beers at a secret location on the trail, and have returned to socialize and drink. Once all the hashers have arrived, the marks they will be putting on the ground to lead us toward the beer are explained. The marks are generally made using flour or chalk. Then the hares get a 15 minute head start, and during that time we finish our beverages and warm up a little.

Hash Chalk Talk

The hash itself is a version of a kid’s game called hares and hounds. In the real game, the hares use flour or paper to lay a trail for the hounds to follow. Ours works the same way only with dead ends, wrong turns and beer. Now, if you are a slow runner or a walker, the fast bastards ahead of you have already solved all of the wrong turns and ideally, everyone gets to the beer stops at the same time. Additionally, being a front running bastard is generally discouraged. If you want to train for a ultra marathon, we may tease you a bit.

Hash Flash PictureOften, the trail is a big loop, passing through bars, wilderness, streets, beer stops, apartment complexes and other places before somehow ending up back at the beginning. Once at the beginning, we participate in “circle” where we drink more and eat snacks and have a generally good time, before picking an “On-After” bar for an optional cool down beverage.

What to expect: As a hashing virgin (yes, you’re a virgin again… technically), we will pretty much just socialize with you and try to convince you that, like yourself, we don’t really run all that well either. You won’t have to bring cash either, because your first hash is free. There will be water, pop and beer provided for you, as well as some food at the end.

Still interested? Check the events of our Facebook page for all of the upcoming hashes and just show up. (Look for people in running gear, long socks, and no shame standing around in a parking lot or in a bar.)