Ninth Anniversary – Campout

We’re coming up on our ninth Anal-versary as a kennel. In celebration, we are going to do the only thing we do well. Drink. A lot. We know from experience that apparently all it takes to make you happy, is beer, food, and some activities. So we’re going to do that again! This year(and all previous years…) registration gets you FOOD AND BEER ALL WEEKEND . What a deal!

To recap! Registration covers: three-ish Trails(Including Naked? Beer Mile), Free Beer & Food (& Water..Yuck!), Gimmes, and our good company for a whole weekend…Just Rego already…

Campsite Information

Bloomington West Campground – 1299 E 600 Rd, Lawrence, KS 66047

GPS: 38°55’24.6″N 95°24’03.1″W

The campsite has toilets and showers. Running drinking water is also available on site. We will have power available. Clinton Lake might ask us to quiet down a bit after midnight.

On the fun side, we have a volleyball pit, horseshoe pit, two fire pits, and nearby water access. So bring games and water toys!

Please carpool, there is limited parking available.


Friday, Aug 27th

4pm Registration begins at the shelter.
Pick up your your gimmes and grab a beer (or 10!).

  • Tent Crawl
  • Lingerie Beer Mile / SMUT Reading.

Dinner: hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill (and a vegetarian option)

Saturday, Aug 28th

  • 10:30 am Beer Yoga
  • 2:30pm-6:00pm Some sort of activity.
  • Longer and Shittier Circle

Breakfast: breakfast burritos and bagels
Lunch: Food
Dinner: Some real dinner..stuffs

Sunday,Aug 29th

  • Morning Hangover Run?
  • Hangover Circle
  • Clean up camp

Breakfast: Burritos, Bagels ect.

Our Overly Complicated Registration Scheme…

(1-5) Over-Eager Beaver Tier:  55$ (SOLD OUT)

(5-15) I Really Want to Cum Tier 60$ (SOLD OUT)

(16-30) Alright I’m Cumming Tier 65$

(30+) Ass Out in the Wind Tier 69$

(Week of) Fear of Commitment Tier 75$

Register Now!

Fill out this form:

Make sure you sent money via paypal to (

What should I bring?

Truth time Yall. Bugs can be pretty nasty when you are camping here. You need to bring bug spray and DEET as well as a fresh change of socks for after EVERY trail. Seems annoying, but trust ole’ Cockanova. You can have as much unprotected sex as you want. Just be safe around ticks and Itch Mites.

Otherwise, the Hash campout standards:

  • Extra snacks (if you are always hungry/get hangry easily)
  • Bug spray with DEET
  • Citronella candle
  • Personal toilet paper
  • Drinking vessel
  • Sun block
  • Ping pong balls
  • Condoms
  • Flashlight and/or headlamp
  • Bathing suit
  • Kayaks and water toys
  • Towels
  • Extra clothes
  • Haberdashery
  • Water guns
  • New shoes
  • Various yard games (volleyball, frisbee, corn hole, horseshoes)
  • Camping supplies (tent, sleeping bag, pillow)

Who’s Cumming Balls Deep? (Upd: 8/7/2021)

  1. Cherry Cum Lately – Larryville
  2. BloodSport – KCH3
  3. Dick N Donuts – KCH3
  4. Sprainkles – Larrville
  5. Pussy Patrol – Larryville
  6. Driponya – Larryville
  7. Rainblow – Larryville (One of Us! One of Us!)
  8. Groin Rule Double – Larryville (Return of the Mack!)
  9. Nun Too Pleased – Larryville (Nurse Tent 2021!)
  10. Cumming About – Larryville (SAILBOAT!!!)
  11. Through the Looking Ass – Larryville (Dat Doggo Tho…)
  12. Biting Irish – Larryville
  13. Homewrecker – Larryville (Hide Yo House)
  14. Enter the Wagon – Larryville (Hide Yo Vessel)
  15. PooPouri – QCH3 (Sexy Orcs)
  16. My Kinda Hurl – Larryville (Mother of Dragons)
  17. Claim to Flame – Lewis & Clark H3
  18. OBWAO – On-A-larry (One of Us! One of Us!)
  19. Sextra Credit – Larryville
  20. Leohard – FUCH3
  21. Little Red Driving Wood – Larryville
  22. Cat Shit – Larryville (Ooops)
  23. Twenty Soon – Larryville
  24. Wang Bang – Larryville

List of terrible people..Also coming…

  1. Cockanova – Larryville (Camp Meister)
  2. Stool Sampled – Larryville (Lake Meister)
  3. Dr. Spanx (Food Meister)